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Do you know the health of your marketing? When was the last time you had a marketing audit health check-up?

The goal of our Marketingmri audit health check-up is to assess the effectiveness of your organization’s marketing functions and processes. We provide you with treatment recommendations for improved marketing health, allowing you to truly maximize your marketing strategies, goals and initiatives.

Just as you yourself get a physical health check-up from a doctor ensuring your body is functioning as healthy as possible, a marketing health check-up is the best way to respond to today’s challenging and competitive business environment. You probably don’t have an internal marketing audit function – and rightly so, as it might not be as objective as an outside, independent, qualified and confidential marketing audit.

And just like an accounting/financial audit tells you about the financial state of your business, a marketing audit can be the first step towards ensuring that your marketing functions are healthy and that your business will grow. If anything, a marketing audit health check-up should be less painful and less expensive than an accounting audit.

Your organization’s marketing health can change so easily. With today’s volatile, challenging and competitive business environment, along with the growing importance of marketing as a function of your business, many factors can negatively impact the health of your marketing:

  • Competitive movement
  • Organizational changes
  • Lack of marketing mix integration
  • Fast growth
  • Slow growth
  • Strategic growth gaps
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Silo marketing
  • Duplication and inefficiency
  • Changing consumer need
  • Product focus
  • Sales focus
  • Lack of marketing expertise
  • Organization’s view of marketing
  • Technology
  • Message inconsistencies
  • Distribution/channel conflict
  • Weak brand recognition
  • Lack of comprehensive strategy
  • Lack of implementation abilities

And these are just a few potential symptoms … yet they all can affect the health of your marketing.

We live in a day and age where organizations must ensure that their marketing functions are always running at optimum health. As a business owner, president, executive, partner or even board member of your organization, YOU are responsible for the growth and success of your business. It is important to know that your marketing is achieving maximum return.

Whether you are in the business or non-profit sector, or a public or private enterprise, marketing today needs to come first. Marketing is and has to be the heart of your organization so it can remain viable and grow. As Peter Drucker says, “Marketing and innovation make money. Everything else is a cost.”

Marketing has simply become one of the most important functions in any business today, since marketing integrates all functions of your business and speaks directly to your customers. It is essential that your marketing, strategic and tactical plans be reviewed and evaluated periodically to identify where and how they can be improved so that you can maximize your investment effectively and efficiently. It is the only way to really keep your marketing and brand health in great shape.

The benefits of being marketing healthy are numerous, so I encourage you to get a marketing audit health check-up and allow Marketingmri to recommend ways to make your organization more responsive to the markets and customers you serve.

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