first in marketing audits

The benefits of learning your organization’s marketing health by conducting a marketing audit as part of your planning process are numerous and priceless.

Exponential Gain

  • Improve your rate of return exponentially on all your sales, marketing and brand activity.
  • Easily make appropriate adjustments to realize a steady increase in your goals.
  • Efficiently turn business goals into reality.
  • Identify symptoms that negatively affect ROI and identify areas of effectiveness to generate new opportunities and achieve maximum return.
  • Eliminate waste, save potential marketing dollars and focus on strategies that maximize your business.
  • Receive action-oriented treatment recommendations to help you focus on high impact changes.
  • Know exactly where your marketing stacks up; you can’t afford not to understand your marketing health baseline.

Marketing Health Benifits

  • Learn where your organizational marketing practices stand. From there, you can only improve your marketing health.
  • Ensure that your marketing strategies and plans are internally consistent and mutually supportive of your objectives for maximum marketing health.
  • Identify areas of success and effectiveness along with challenges and opportunities that exist within your organization.
  • Make your marketing functions, strategies and processes as effective as possible.
  • Know your key performance indicators (Marketing Audit Baseline Score, Marketing IQ Score and Marketing Decision Score) and how to use them to maintain efficient and effective marketing health.
  • Uncover major symptoms and treat the causes.
  • Ensure that you are coordinating and integrating your marketing mix effectively.
  • Rapidly and economically refocus your marketing efforts if needed.
  • Get multiple perspectives and benchmarks on healthy marketing best practices.
  • Turn an underperforming marketing function around.

Competitive Benefits

  • A healthier marketing-centric organization will put you in the best position to compete and respond to today’s challenging business environment.
  • Your organization will be able to better speak to your customer than your competitor can.
  • You will better be able to respond to changing markets and customer needs.

Organizational Benefits

  • Will give management a detailed picture indicating ways of improving overall marketing effectiveness.
  • Will offer a beneficial outside-in, independent and objective review of your marketing health. The alternative is an inside-out, potentially non-objective and non-independent view.
  • Can make your organization much more knowledgeable and aware of its marketing health and effectiveness.
  • Gives management an MRI scan that indicates ways of improving the overall marketing effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.