first in marketing audits

Marketingmri provides marketing audits for business organizations. Serving the for-profit and non-profit sectors in the goods and services industries, we are committed to providing the best marketing expertise to the marketing audit process.

As a trusted partner in your marketing health, we are committed to providing an “outside-in” process that is confidential, qualified, independent and objective.

The goal of our marketing audit health check-up is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s marketing functions and processes.

Marketingmri is committed to improving your organization’s marketing health through an audit process that seeks to provide a systematic and comprehensive marketing examination, consisting of an orderly sequence of diagnostic steps that consider all factors affecting your marketing health and performance.

We seek to provide the utmost value to your organization through a marketing audit that provides your organization with valuable diagnoses and recommends actionable and concrete treatments that will help you ensure that your marketing is healthy and functioning at peak performance levels. The goal is to help your organization maximize its marketing strategies, goals and initiatives, effectively and efficiently.

Our mission and vision is further represented through our logo:

The four arrows pointing from the outside-in represent our commitment to providing an outside-in approach to the marketing audit process. “Outside-in” means we are:

  • Independent
  • Objective
  • Confidential
  • Qualified - Our focus is on understanding healthy marketing practices first and foremost without any industry prejudice or internal organizational prejudice that may take away from healthy marketing practices

The four arrows represent the four pillars of healthy marketing

  • Target Market
  • Customer Needs
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Profitability

The four arrows represents the four elements of a marketing audit:

  • Systematic
  • Comprehensive
  • Independent
  • Periodic

The four arrows represent the integration of the marketing mix coming together in a coordinated fashion. The elements of the marketing mix are referred to as the 4 Ps (Product, Place, Price and Promotion). Integrating and coordinating the 4 Ps is critical for healthy and effective marketing.