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Direct & Online Marketing

Healthy Direct marketing involves planning your campaign carefully. It involves clearly deciding on objectives, precisely targeting your market and/or prospect market, designing the offer elements, testing the elements and establishing measurement and tracking.

Do you use a combination of art and science in your direct mail campaigns?

Managing Online Marketing

Each organization has to decide how to best approach their online marketing opportunities, considering what purpose, what products, what audiences, what copy and what budget. Healthy online marketing creates ways to attract customers or prospects to the web site.

Online marketing can find new markets and customers who could not have been served adequately using traditional techniques. Online marketing can greatly reduce the time involved in reaching target markets. Marketing can use web sites to build strong relationships, reduce costs, increase efficiency, achieve a global presence and transact with customers.

However, many companies still relegate online marketing to a subsidiary role in the marketing mix. Those that practice healthy integrated and coordinated marketing communications have focused on a multi-media approach. This approach has proven to be much more effective than the traditional and unhealthy single communication programs.

Do you enjoy a rewarding relationship with your customers through online marketing?