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Marketingmri Audit Process

The Marketingmri audit health check-up is an eight-step process conducted over a two- to eight-week period.

Getting To Know You

The process typically begins with meetings between your organization’s owners, officers, executives, senior managers and/or managers and Marketingmri auditors.

  • During our first formal meeting we will spend time with you and your team listening and learning. We also will discover symptoms of particular marketing concern. We will review your corporate and marketing strategy, goals and objectives.
  • We will agree on objectives and terms of reference for the marketing audit health check-up; identify audit sponsor, project team and the internal and external interview list for audit examination; and work out coverage depth, data sources, report format and time frames.
  • We will collect data on current and past marketing and communication efforts, including advertising, annual reports, newsletters, brochures, marketing campaigns, and sales and product support collateral. We will conduct a full examination of all relevant printed and electronic media.

Marketingmri Audit Health Check-Up

The Marketingmri audit health check-up examines six major areas of your marketing within your organization, department or strategic business unit. This audit interview phase is a systematic and orderly examination of your organization’s marketing functions and processes and includes:

  • MMI Marketing Scan
  • Marketing Strategy Health Check-up
  • Marketing Mix Health Check-up
  • Marketing Productivity Health Check-up
  • Marketing System Health Check-up
  • Marketing Organization Health Check-up

Marketingmri Analysis and Diagnosis

Marketingmri will provide an audit diagnosis after analyzing, synthesizing and interpreting the information gathered in the marketing audit. The findings include:

  • Marketing Audit Baseline Score
  • Marketing IQ Score
  • Marketing Decision Score

The scores and information gathered will translate into potential and actionable treatment recommendations which will be reviewed with your team in the next two phases.

Problem Solving

This discussion phase will build organizational ownership over marketing issues. High points, problems and opportunities of the analysis and diagnosis phase will be discussed, along with potential solutions for your organization’s ultimate marketing health.

Treatment Recommendations

After discussion and collaboration, treatment recommendations will be finalized. Treatment recommendations will be classified and prioritized and will include a benefit analysis.

Marketingmri Audit Report

Marketingmri auditors will report their diagnostic findings, results and action-oriented treatment recommendations based on your marketing goals and your optimum marketing health. The recommended initiatives are designed to help your marketing efforts become more responsive to the markets and customers your organization serves.

Marketingmri auditors will prepare a visual and verbal presentation showing the major findings and recommendations. The results are also summarized in a written report. The report findings and treatments will improve your organization’s marketing health, efficiency and effectiveness. The report will include:

  • Executive summary
  • Detailed analysis of the marketing audit score, marketing IQ score and the marketing decision score
  • Data gathering methodology, analysis and synthesis
  • Findings and conclusions
  • Marketing treatment recommendations
  • Projected and realized benefits
  • Implementation guide
  • Appendix

To Your Health Marketing Celebration

We encourage your team to participate in the “To Your Health Marketing Celebration.” The celebration acts as a thank you for your team, helps to build further buy-in, and encourages continued learning and growth through a round-robin discussion of what was learned.

Follow-up Marketing Health Check

A follow-up meeting will be scheduled within three to six months from the Marketingmri audit report presentation to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment recommendations.