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No News Is Good News – Or Is It? The Marketing Audit: Preventive Medicine

Just imagine that you are in good health… or at least you think you are. Being in good health, you decide not to take your annual physical exam, or skip that mammogram and yes, even skip the recommended unpleasant colonoscopy

Avoiding Marketing Blunders – Ensure Your Marketing is Healthy with a Marketing Audit.

Every year, small to large organizations spend millions of dollars on marketing and public relations. In spite of all the dollars spent on marketing, even major companies often make marketing blunders.

When Cutting Marketing Budgets, Don’t Throw Out the Marketing Baby with the Bath Water!

Marketing plays a critical role in helping organizations take advantage of opportunities. And as marketing becomes an important element in organizations, it then becomes critical to ensure that the Big M — marketing — is as healthy, effective and efficient as possible