first in marketing audits

Comprehensive Marketing Audit Health Check-up

A thorough and objective assessment and evaluation of all elements of your organization’s marketing functions and processes, leading to concrete treatment recommendations for effectively and efficiently improving your organization’s overall marketing health.

Functional Marketing Audit Health Check-up

An examination and treatment of a specific marketing issue that needs immediate attention. It results in recommendations that rapidly and economically refocus your marketing efforts in an effective and efficient manner.

Strategic Marketing Audit

A focus on developing winning marketing strategies, with an eye on growth and healthy marketing integration.

Other Marketing Consulting Services

Marketingmri prides itself on being independent and objective in conducting its marketing audit health check-ups. The treatment recommendations leading to effective healthy marketing may create a need to procure outside marketing help if the needed skill sets are not available internally to your organization. Marketingmri will not perform additional marketing services in order to remain objective and independent as your marketing auditors. Marketingmri can recommend other marketing consulting firms that specialize in the marketing field or function in which you would need outside help. Marketingmri can help implement some of the recommendations if done internally with your existing marketing staff, and also can act as your partner when choosing or engaging with an outside marketing agency.

Keynote Speaking and Workshops Offered

  • The power of healthy marketing
  • What were you thinking – major marketing blunders and why
  • Say Ahh! A marketing audit health check up – not as painful as you thought